Ask about our Warranties. We stand behind our work!
The need for warrantees in our business is divided into three basic categories.

1. Steel underpinning or lateral tie backs usually have an adjustment warranty. When a structure needs to have these processes applied, it is because the original support system failed.  The site conditions are either in settling or expansive soil and the above processes are suitable remedies.  The assurance of a warranty is appropriate.

2. Projects such as foundation extensions are different in the sense that the buildings are pre-existing and we can see if they have had any settling or heaving problems.  An engineer will design a plan according to modern codes and engineering practices which are generally superior to the older methods.  If there is no evidence of earlier problems, a warranty is unnecessary.  Warranties are available under these conditions at times if a client wants one.  The best warranty is having a good contractor to do the job right. 

3. Sometimes we are called in to rescue a structure that is in danger of immediate collapse and we install a short term repair or shore the building on a temporary basis until permanent repairs can be made. These jobs are not warrantable.

It is important to remember that warranties are similar to insurance and have costs which are usually built into the contract. Every client will need to weigh the costs versus benefits of every portion of a contract. A common adjustment warranty that Rock Solid Restoration has given for steel underpinning is as follows:                                                                                                                     

“All warranties apply only to those areas that have “Rock Solid Restoration’s” steel pier installed.  “Should any vertical differential movement greater than1/2 inch occur within the next five years, “Rock solid Restoration” will at no expense to the owner, adjust, repair or replace any pier that may have caused the movement.  If the owner has added any obstructions which increase the time necessary to adjust, repair, or replace any piers, an additional fee for time and materials will be added.  The foregoing is our sole warranty. All other warranties expressed or implied, including any fitness for purpose are excluded.   In no event shall you be entitled to consequential damages whether based on warranty, contract, tort, or otherwise.”

The wording will change a little relative to different conditions and locations. The length of time on the warranty can change according to the needs of the client. “Rock Solid Restoration” stands behind all of our work.  Please feel free to ask us what warranties will be available on any projects that we might do for you.

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